Francesca Fabrizi

I am a videoartist and composer and I mainly work along the continuous border of image and sound. My sonorous and visual worlds constantly try to find a balance between memory and imagination, the first one throughout the wide use of portable recorders as phenomenological witnesses; the last one by the means of audio-visual digital processing which, corresponding to an effort to remember, reshape sound and image in new forms and paths.

In 2019 I graduated in Psychology at La Sapienza University (Rome) and in 2023 I graduated in Electronic Music and Sound Design at Licinio Refice Conservatory (CREA - Research Center for Audiovisual Processing), both with highest honors.

I try to merge my twofold education directing a particular interest to the themes of perception, how can this be enlarged in my musical and audiovisual practice, giving a considerable importance to the extended notion of Soundscape.