Francesca Fabrizi

I am a videoartist and composer from Rome. I am currently studying at CREA - Audiovisual Research and Processing Centre - as an Electronic Music student. In the field of audio, I am mainly interested in building tools for electroacoustic improvisation, whereas in the field of video I mostly like working with compositing and animation.

I attended many masterclass, among which:

Tutorial For the Handobook for Acoustic Ecology under the guide of Barry Truax - fall '21, c.a. 100h final grade A;
Laboratorio VOCE conducted by Luigi Ceccarelli at Tempo Reale - fall 2021, 11-15 sept, w/ final concert.

I also have a master degree in Psychology, a path that has oriented my research towards many different themes, sound and image perception being my primary interests. Therefore I am particularly fascinated by the extended notion of Soundscape, how it can merge into an imagined one, with a particular interest in how this can be translated in my electroacoustic and visual practice. At the moment I am conducting a research on our visual perception when having the eyelids closed.